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Throwback Thursday — “Free Love” Book Review: San Francisco Book Review

It’s Throwback Thursday again, which means you get more old stuff instead of the usual nonsense that spits out of my brain (or oozes if I haven’t had my coffee yet), in case you happened to miss it the first … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday — “Free Love” Book Review From 2011

Is Throwback Thursday still a thing? It’s hard to keep track sometimes. Those crazy kids. Anyway, now that the SF Giants are taking the rest of the baseball season off, I have time to devote more time to football and … Continue reading

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A Smashing Limited Time Offer On Tax Day

Today is April 15th and I’ve just handed over, begrudgingly, a big wad of cash to the dreaded Tax Man. I suspect you did too today. So now we’re broke and don’t have any money to buy books, right? Wrong-o … Continue reading

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Maybe this is why JK Rowling is not ruling out another new Harry Potter book?

The Telegraph (UK) reported today that as JK Rowling’s new adult novel, The Casual Vacancy, hits Number One on the Bestsellers List with 2.6 million copies sold on pre-order, (topping the other naughty book previously holding that position, Fifty Shades … Continue reading

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