I Suppose I Should Be Flattered…

When my online dating book Free Love: True Stories of Love and Lust on the Internet was published in December 2010, I solicited several well-known relationship/sex columnists and experts for blurbs and endorsements for the book. These included Dan Savage (who expressed interest in the book but we never could make it happen), Anna David (who never responded to my requests) and Gillian Telling (Author and Sex Columnist for Maxim Magazine).

Gillian was kind enough to write this blurb for me about my book:

“Whether you’re familiar with the world of online dating and personal ads or not, Free Love is at once fascinating, funny, insanely compelling, and at times, even sad.”

In January 2012 Anna David produced a one-time-only live reading and storytelling show called “True Tales of Lust and Love” featuring female writers and comedians willing to share and laugh at their dating disaster stories. It was so successful that she agreed to produce the show every month. At the time when I first heard about it, I thought: “Hmmmmmmm.”

Cut to January 2014 and it is now a book containing a collection of “the most popular and entertaining pieces into the first ever True Tales of Lust and Love anthology. The book includes essays organized into three sections—Casual Sex, Dating, and Out of the Ordinary—which collectively offer up funny, raucous, insightful, and surprisingly touching confessions about the quest for lust and love.”

Really!? Seriously!? I guess it could all just be a big ‘ol coincidence, but it sure does sound rather familiar, right down to the title, doesn’t it? Keep in mind that I originally wrote Ms. David back in May 2011 via email with a synopsis and link to my book Free Love: True Stories of Love and Lust on the Internet on Amazon for reference, asking for the quotable blurb. As I mentioned, I never heard anything back from her at the time (and didn’t really expect to as an unknown author) but I guess maybe this is her response.

My book features a collection of online personal ads as they appeared and the true stories & confessions from the people who wrote them, told in their own words, warts and all. The stories range from the mild to wild, funny to sad, heart warming to heart breaking, broken down into Men Seeking Women, Women Seeking Men, Men Seeking Men, Women Seeking Women, Casual Encounters and Missed Connections sections.

Like I said, I guess I should be flattered, but I’m really more annoyed by it all. Sure, there are all kinds of books out there about dating and online dating, but this all seems really too close to home. I’m going to take the high road though, do some deep breathing exercises, shake it off, assume it’s a coincidence, let it go and move on. Life is too short.

I’m curious though – what do you all think? I’d love to hear your opinions. Is it just me being overly sensitive, a coincidence, or is it a duck? (If it walks like a duck. quacks like a duck…) You tell me.


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