Let your Freak Flag Fly Today – It’s Flag Day!

I almost cut my hair today but thought I’d wait until after Flag Day, which is today so Happy Flag Day everyone!

Contrary to popular and misinformed opinion, like my own, Flag Day is NOT about letting your freak flag fly today but rather commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States in 1777, which is celebrated every year (in America) on June 14th.

“But we don’t even play in the World Cup until Monday!” you might exclaim bewildered. And that is true. So maybe we should leave our flags up flying loud and proud through Monday night to show our patriotism and root for our boys while USA battles Ghana (we’re predicted to lose 0-3). And if football/soccer isn’t your thing, there’s probably a NASCAR race on somewhere, which is also awesome.

God bless America!

USA Flag




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1 Response to Let your Freak Flag Fly Today – It’s Flag Day!

  1. etfaust says:

    Thank you for your post. I, along with most everyone else, had forgotten. There really needs to be more coverage if this holiday will ever be fully celebrated.


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