So Far So Good…

So after a bit of a rocky start to the New Year I received some unexpected news today that quickly and officially gets 2014 heading back in the right direction. The nice folks over at Red City Review, who gave my nonfiction book Free Love – True Stories of Love and Lust on the Internet about online dating a lovely 5-star review last month, has named it their Best Book of the Month for December 2013.

Every month, we pick one distinguished title that has been reviewed by us and honor it as our Best Book of the Month for the respective month during which the review for it was written. The book can be of any genre. The books are judged using criteria based on three different components:

  • The overall writing quality and originality of the work
    •  Writing quality refers to,  but is not limited to: word choice, point of view, sentence structure, content, and overall flow.
    • Works are considered original if they are unique in some way and if there is something about them that sets them apart from other books that are out on the market.
  • The strength of the beginning, middle, and end of the work
    • We like books that start off strong, don’t slow down in the middle, and end with a resounding thud. We want to read books that are engaging the entire way through.
  • The impact the work has on the reader/reviewer
    • If one of our reviewers highly recommends your book and urges us to consider it as the Best Book of the Month, this will greatly improve your book’s chances. Books that stay within the reader’s mind after the pages are done turning are the kinds of titles we wish to recognize.

The Best Book of the Month Award from Red City Review will be posted on the first of each month.

As a result, Free Love will also be in the running for their Best Book of the Year award, announced some time next week. So while I’m trying not to be greedy, I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed for some more good news in the coming days because who doesn’t like winning shit? Anyway, stay tuned (or don’t in case I lose) and please send good vibes and luck my way!

Red City Review 2

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