It’s On! The Free Love Thanksgiving Holiday Giveaway is Officially Underway!

Happy Monday! Just wanted to let you know that the Free Love Thanksgiving Holiday Giveaway I mentioned last week has officially started as of this morning on my Facebook Author Page.

From now through midnight Saturday, November 30th 2013, you can enter to win one of five FREE copies of my online dating book Free Love – True Stories of Love and Lust on the Internet (1 copy per a total of 5 winners, 18+, USA only). Free Love is a collection of actual online personal ads as they originally appeared, along with the intimate stories behind them – all told in the posters’ own words, triumphs, disasters, warts and all.

I’m doing this as a “Thank You” to everyone kind enough to support me this past year and it’s my way of giving back a little.

The giveaway is through Rafflecopter and the winners will be chosen at random. It’s FREE to enter and you can enter multiple times simply by Liking my Facebook page, Tweeting about the Giveaway, Following me on Twitter and Pinterest, etc. (You should really be doing all those things already, but at least now you have a good reason to.) The more you share, the better your chances are of winning. The five winners will be announced here on my blog and on my Facebook Author page.

So please, please, pretty please with sugar on top, enter the Giveaway and share this with your fellow bloggers, colleagues, and friends on Twitter, Facebook and wherever else you’re spending your time online while not working – spread the word and send them to the Giveaway Page. If at least five people participate in this promo I will consider it a personal victory.

And remember, even if you’re not currently in the online dating pool, chances are that you know someone who is, and books make great holiday gifts. (And the price is right.)

Thank you, and good luck!

Free Love Thanksgiving Holiday Giveaway

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