Hooray Hooray For The 8th Of May

It’s National Outdoor Intercourse Day! Did you celebrate? Well if you didn’t you probably haven’t heard of it, which means you’re probably not a WSU alumni, and you’re definitely not from the Pacific Northwest.

National Outdoor Intercourse Day, or NOID, is an entire day dedicated to doing the dirty deed, making the beast with two backs, bumping uglies or knocking boots in the great outdoors. It’s alternatively known as the 69th of March.

The origins are sketchy. There are rumors that the holiday was started in Washington State in the early 1960s. Washington State University (my alma mater) claims it, as does the University of Idaho, Western Washington and a handful of other Northwest colleges.

The WSU story is that rebellious students declared the day as an unofficial holiday after the University banned blankets from the grassy areas on campus because they were afraid that something other than picnicking or studying was going on. Others say that NOID was started by the Delta Tau Delta fraternity at WSU in about 1960. Who knows really how this all got started, but most folks agree that the “holiday” likely originated in the state of Washington. (Bigfoot too.)

It does seem to be catching on though as more and more people are becoming aware of it throughout the country, and, um, celebrating. (You’re welcome.) Jacking off on your back porch when you think no one’s looking doesn’t count by the way, unless someone’s with you.

So enjoy what’s left of the day and/or start planning that camping trip for next year. As for me, while I managed to take in a Giants game today, that’s about it. Maybe next time.


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