A Truly Lonely Island

Today’s Online Personal Ad Of The Day comes from The Aloha State of Hawaii, where I spent last week getting a little R&R (Rest and Relaxation). It was about as relaxing as it gets when travelling with a toddler, but I’ll take what I can get. Anyway, I’m back now and I missed you too. This women seeking men personal ad is demonstrative of what my Lomilomi was telling me the other day (that part was relaxing) about what dating life is like for her single friends living on an island – pretty slim pickings. There are only so many eligible men available, and sadly it seems that this particular woman hasn’t met any of them yet on the Internet. I hope it gets better for her.

oahu craigslist / women seeking men / 05/01/2013

It just hurts – 30 – w4m


Ok so here goes. I have to say these things because I quite possibly think too much and I am tired of feeling used (which I am sure I am to blame). Does every man on here think that just because you post on CL that all you’re looking for is a quick fuck? Apparently. Either you talk a good game, and never show or you show and think I’m a free prostitute. Don’t get me wrong I like sex as much as the next person but for me (and maybe only me) sex is only satisfying if it’s with someone you actually want to have it with. Tired of guys lying through their teeth or being confusing. I’ve had guys lie about everything from, where they are from, their age, relationship status, job, even had a guy tell me he smoked weed and then when we get together to burn he didn’t, and everything in between. And I never call them out. We all have our reasons. They say I’m beautiful, and sexy and love my company but yet don’t want to see each other again. I’m positive it’s me but don’t know how to fix an unknown problem. One guy said I was bat shit crazy because I couldn’t quit talking and kept stopping fucking him but he literally gave me 5 minutes to meet and then he was all over me and quite frankly made me very nervous. Maybe I am the crazy one. Who knows anymore. I figure when I meet the right guy he will know where my heart is and be my ultimate calming factor. That’s actually something I look for in another person. The yin to my yang, water to my fire. My opposite and absolute calming factor. I don’t need help being anxietal. Am I just another whore who will never find someone to really love and cherish me? I don’t expect replies or comments but hey bring it on. Just be nice. My heart hurts so bad at this point. I’m not looking for anything or anyone and if I was I’m sure I won’t find it on here. It’s always the same people fishing. Trust me I know.

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