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AUTHORSdB If you’re an aspiring or more established published author in need of some additional marketing help you might want to check out AUTHORSdB and get yourself listed on their database, which includes social media, book listings and more. AUTHORSdB is a FREE dedicated website that helps authors promote themselves and their work online using Social Media Marketing and expert SEO practices.

All of your information can be added, one time and all in one place, on your author listing, including promotional links to buy your books on all bookseller platforms. AUTHORSdB uses software that engages search engines in a friendly manner so your information comes up in Google searches via organic (non-paid) Google backlinks, which are critical to any Social Media Marketing endeavour. They’re experts in social media marketing and all things Google and SEO.

When an author is listed, they tweet @[author name] #gotlisted NEW AUTHORSdB Pls RT [link back to your author details]. They also Like your author’s Facebook page, and when liked back, they share something from your author Facebook page. (You must have a Twitter and Facebook page to qualify.) They also Google+, LinkedIn & Pinterest you. You can also be entered into free drawings for banner ads and other promotional tools simply by getting listed, participating and sharing.

Currently there are over 1405 registered members. More info can be found on and Twitter @authorsdb. It’s FREE so you really don’t have anything to lose and everything to gain.

There. I’ve done my good deed for the day!

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