Here’s One For The Twenty-Five Percenters

If you happen to fall into the “25% of Online Daters Are Married” category, as quoted by, and aren’t looking for anything “complicated” in your online liaisons (good luck with that), then here is a site for you: claims to be the go to spot online for casual dating.

No more looking for dating tips or dating advice and wasting countless hours online looking for anything long-term or meaningful. Now you can just join for free (yeah right), keep things casual and find someone on the same horny page as you looking to bump uglies.  Forget sticky entanglements and choose an online dating site that caters to intimate encounters. There are so many ways to meet like-minded members, you’ll never leave empty-handed. (I shit you not, they really say that on their website.)

There’s a commercial for this casual encounters site which is worth a view and is actually pretty funny, so at least they have that going for themselves (MNBSFW). So whether you’re looking to avoid getting tied down, or you’re into that sort of thing, this site might just be what you’re looking for. Hopefully you won’t find your spouse there too.

*Might Not Be Safe For Work

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