A deformed penis is nothing to laugh at.

Today’s Online Personal Ad Of The Day comes from the San Francisco Bay Area. This strictly platonic personal ad is from someone actually looking for something strictly platonic. This is somewhat unusual because many folks posting here seem to be looking for quite the opposite.

san francisco bay area craigslist / strictly platonic / 03/03/2013

You are a person reading this – w4mw – 22 (oakland west)


Are you odd? Do you look at pictures and can find the hidden face or maybe a deformed penis and laugh at it?
Are you interesting? Do you have a skill or hobby outside of Facebook or Farmville? Maybe you’re a xylophone musician, or a Pokemon master. Perhaps you snowboard but drink tea or coffee with your pinky finger pointed skyward. You don’t know why you do it, but you do.
Are you fun? Do you like to mingle with people often, talk about stars to fellow bus riders, or like bowling or playing Apples to Apple while buying tickets to Six Flags because

I’m looking for friends. People who are different, the oddballs, the ones who can hear a dick joke and laugh because it’s stupid and you know it’s stupid and you’re not offended because you get it.
Folks who can hang out, play some Mario Kart, then go to a show and want to bake a cake the next day because cake is amazing and you wanna practice your baking technique. Or whatever other technique you’re into, as long as you’re practicing and you’re into it. Maybe you wanna teach me how to play the xylophone.

So if you’re this person, or you say to yourself in your head, in Morgan Freeman’s voice,
“Hey, the person who posted this ad seems like a really stellar and interesting human being. I’m also glad I’m not a murderer or a rapist or an easily offended fundamentalist Christian. I could be friends with this person.”

If you said that, I’d say, send me an email, because you’re probably awesome and not a murderer or rapist, and if you were, I wouldn’t be your friend and I’d probably drop kick you like a vigilante with dead parents.

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