On a bit of a whim this morning I rallied the troops (my wife and 2 year-old son) to get up and out of the house and over to San Francisco to witness the historic fly over of the soon to be officially retired Space Shuttle Endeavor. Endeavor was flying low and slow perched upon a modified 747 en route to its final resting place – the California Science Center in downtown Los Angeles.

But first we were able to see it in San Francisco, where tens of thousands crowded the city’s waterfront to catch a glimpse of the shuttle as it flew over the bay.Β Endeavor started this morning’s trek from Sacramento, then flew over the East Bay, San Francisco landmarks and the Bay Bridge, and then over Alcatraz and over San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.

And wow, was it ever an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime, breathtaking experience. I’m so glad we did it. Not just because I’m a nerd, and a boy and like spectacles. But because I will never, ever get to see this again. And it was history in the making and you just can’t miss out on stuff like this when you’re able to do so. Photos don’t really do it justice, but I thought I’d share a few that I took this morning anyway. Enjoy!

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