Not too much to ask for.

Today’s Online Personal Ad Of The Day comes from Boston MA from the women seeking men ads, which I thought was really rather sweet – especially on a day like today. Except for the Monopoly part. Is that why I always win?

Wanted List – 60 (ss)

boston craigslist / w4m / Sept 11 2012

holding his hand in the rain///cooking together///wearing his shirts///his scent lingering on my pillow///him kissing the nape of my neck for hours//////picnics in bed///lying in his bed with comfortable silence///him feeding me fresh hot bread with melted butter///kissing him on the top deck while cruising the caribbean///staying in, staying up, staying over////playing footsie with him under the tablecloth at a 5 star restaurant///playing monopoly with him and letting him win///dancing with him ///growing old with him//smirking when reading his text///making him blush while fielding a business call///watching him undress me with his eyes, knowing what comes next… SWF for SWM = LTR.

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