No they’re not :D

Today’s Online Personal Ad Of The Day comes from Minneapolis from a man who aspires to be Mr. French, kind of.

Personal servant for a bossy spoiled princess – 31 (Minneapolis)

minneapolis craigslist / m4w / Aug 28 2012

Always had a weakness for the bossy spoiled princess type – just can’t resist that. But apparently, women like that are actually tough to find.

So now I am specifically looking for a cute bossy chick who will thing it’s fun to turn me into her personal servant. Doesn’t have to involve sex, you can just have me as a friend and still order me around. Sounds like you? Would you actually be comfortable enough being put on a pedestal and ordering a man around just because you feel like it? I don’t even care if you are in a relationship or whatever. We should talk :D:D

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