You’ve Got Nerve

You might recall back in November I blogged about Nerve’s new “coming soon” online dating site: Nerve Dating — The first dating site for humans. Here’s the original NERVE is launching a new dating site for hipsters post in case you missed it. It was pretty rad.

Well it looks like they’re out of Beta stage and fully operational at And it still looks cool and very compelling. I can’t really check out the site because my wife will get mad, but here’s what they say on their About Us page:

What is Nerve Dating?

Rather than the gimmicks, love formulas, and pseudoscience that you find elsewhere, Nerve aims to put conversations and interesting people like you back in the spotlight.

On Nerve Dating, you meet and connect with other people via their sensibilities and sense of humor, rather than surrendering to a site’s software. Think fewer awkward “About Me” essays, and more conversations about what you did last night and what you thought of latest buzzed about restuarants.

How does Nerve Dating stack up against everything else out there?

Dating online shouldn’t feel like you’re applying for a job, booking a flight, or trying to auction yourself off on eBay. Nerve Dating isn’t going to feed you into an algorithm, because in our opinion, algorithms don’t lead to love. We just want to help you talk about interesting things with interesting people. The rest is up to you.

On Nerve, you don’t surrender your love life to software — rather, you start conversations with people who like and say interesting things. On Nerve, you won’t have to awkwardly try to describe yourself, and then wait for someone to fall in love with your ‘About Me’ paragraph.

Other dating sites focus on marketing gimmicks and making false promises about their ability to magically solve the dating and relationship equation. We think they’re missing the point.

Other than the fact that they can’t spell “restaurants” it’s still one of the most interesting dating sites out there. I’d love to hear if any of you have tried it out yet, what your experiences have been with the site, how many hipsters you’ve started conversations with naturally, and whether it lives up to the hype.

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