Kiss Me! I’m Irish

I suppose everyone has a little Irish in them on St. Paddy’s Day. (Would you like some?)

True Irishmen like myself refer to it as “Amateur Hour” for the non-Irish folks out there who tend to use the holiday as an excuse to guzzle mass quantities of green beer in an overcrowded Irish bar, make an ass of themselves, vomit said green beer, and pass out. (Oh those were the days. I guess that can happen to anyone young, dumb and full of bangers and mash.)

These days as a father of a toddler, I’m content celebrating by flying the colors, pouring myself a Black and Tan  or two, watching Gonzaga duke it out with Ohio State in the NCAA March Madness Tournament, and hoping my son will go down for his nap soon.

So Happy St. Paddy’s Day everyone! Enjoy your Guinness, don’t forget to wear your green, have fun, and let’s be careful out there today.

And may you live as long as you want, but not want as long as you live.

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