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Natasha Brooks from Charlotte’s wrote this 4-star this review recently about my online dating book Free Love – True Stories of Love and Lust on the Internet. Natasha is also the Editor-in-Chief of Bare Back Magazine, an erotic e-zine and the editor of the Fairy Tales Can Come True and Relationships And Other Stuff anthology. Her specialty is writing stories about sex, lust and erotic topics.

Erotica Book Review: Free Love – True Stories Of Love And Lust On The Internet

November 21, 2011

Free Love – True Stories of Love And Lust On The Internet by Thomas Kelleher is an honest and candid selection of anonymous stories about online dating experiences. All of the stories are true and are filled with hopes of finding someone special by chance on the internet. The unpredictability involved in online dating and the frustration when there is no connection is an interesting topic. As well as the satisfaction of finding “the right one.”

At first glance, the cover and interior of the book did not capture my attention as it somewhat made the book appear dull. As there is but a computer-like “smiley face” on the cover and abstract colors in the background almost like abstract art. But perhaps, simplicity is sometimes much better.

The images in the interior of the book are the same – abstract and colorful. It plays somewhat to the imagination.

Once you start reading the book, it is very entertaining as it is very direct and honest. What I appreciate the most about the book is the non-traditional approach to reality writing, especially on the topic of internet dating experiences. And I also appreciate the many humorous stories that made me smile and even blush from the candid topics about sexuality when people meet online.

This book is for anyone, including myself who have ever dated anyone from the internet and maybe perhaps realized that maybe that experience was not all that bad. As well as a refreshing look at how things can go right from online dating but also how things can go terribly wrong as well. As it is well-known in today’s society, reality is much more interesting sometimes, especially when it is in a book.

You may sample a free preview of the book at the following link and learn more at

I should probably mention that the objective of the cover design was, in fact, to keep things extremely simple and avant-garde by featuring the sideways winking smile face emoticon (commonly used by Internet users/daters in email, IM, chat, etc., and a recurring graphic device running throughout the book) as the sole image, embossed against a stylized pixellated tie-dye background (reminiscent of the “Free Love” era of the 60’s, but modernized). A satin finish was then applied to give the book a silky, smooth, sexy quality, which did cause the colors to dull down a bit as a result, but that was the trade-off.

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