Free Love Anyone? A Book Review from the Maneaters Blog

I was extremely pleased to learn today that Angela Jordan from the Maneaters Blog posted this review recently of my book Free Love – True Stories of Love and Lust on the Internet. It made my Hump Day!

The blog is designed to empower and inspire women to love themselves first, live the life of their dreams, and kick ass while doing it. Angela is passionate about helping women love themselves and educating them about dating and relationships so they don’t fall victim to unhealthy, self esteem-shattering relationships. She aspires to teach women how to stop playing the victim and take control of their life, in every aspect – especially dating.

This site really benefits everyone, male, female, single, married with children, divorced – there’s something for everyone here.  And every cent she makes from donations, ads, etc., goes to charities that help women who are victims of sexual abuse and assault, domestic violence, and suicide prevention. You should definitely check out Maneaters.

Book Review: Free Love – True Stories Of Love And Lust On The Internet

Whether you’ve tried online dating or not you’ll find Free Love an interesting read. The stories captured in this book will truly leaving you laughing, crying, and wondering, “can this really be true?” Yes, it can be, and is very true. The stories are broken down into different sections which makes for a quick and easy read, and also makes it a great book to sit on your coffee table.

“You are a scream…

I want to get a good alcohol buzz on with a hysterically funny, endearingly rude, audaciously vulgar woman in a bar. Or maybe something else with said type of woman. The cuter and the brainier, the better. Or, you can just ignore this ad like all the rest I’ve posted.”

–an ad from the men seeking women section of the book

No, really, I did enjoy this book guys and I enjoy sharing with you things I love and that I find helpful or inspiring. Check it out!

Xo Maneater

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