Some Love for Free Love from Gillian Telling

The lovely and amazing Gillian Telling, Author and Sex Columnist for Maxim Magazine, had this to say recently about my book FREE LOVE – True Stories of Love and Lust on the Internet.

Whether you’re familiar with the world of online dating and personal ads or not, Free Love – True Stories of Love and Lust on the Internet is at once fascinating, funny, insanely compelling, and at times, even sad. We’ve all wondered who the person behind a personal ad really is (do they honestly love cats and long walks on the beach, or are they just pretending to be a woman in order to collect naked pics of straight guys?), and this book reveals the truth, reasonings and complexities of those writing them. The most fascinating aspect of the book? It turns out that most people, men and women, truly are on the quest to find great love and companionship at the end of the day. While reading this, you can’t help but root for every single one of them. And it doesn’t hurt that some of them are just entertaining weirdos.

Thanks Gillian! You can check out her own latest book Dirty Girls: The Naked Truth About Our Guilty Secrets (Unpretty, Unclean, and Utterly Horrifying) on

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