Next To Last Thomas Kelleher Blog Exclusive – Sneak Peek : Women Seeking Men :-)

You’re just in time for the sixth Blog Exclusive sneak peek of my book about online dating FREE LOVE – True Stories of Love and Lust on the Internet. FREE LOVE presents a collection of actual online ad postings as they originally appeared, along with the intimate stories behind them – all told in the posters’ own words, triumphs, disasters, warts and all. Women Seeking Men, Women seeking Women, Men seeking Women, Men seeking Men, Missed Connections, Casual Encounters – they’re all here and their stories range from the entertaining to the astonishing.

Experience is the best teacher, and thanks to the candid revelations of the people in this book, newbies and seasoned online dating veterans alike can learn a great deal from these real-world experiences, commiserate, draw their own conclusions and decide if online dating is right for them.

This time around I give you a sampling from Women Seeking Men that started out as a joke, and turned into something quite different.

This came to be one night when I had a friend over and we both created ads just as a joke. However, it has garnered some pretty interesting replies. I lost count but I’ve had close to 750 responses or more. Out of those, I’m meeting someone next weekend in Mexico for a four-day vacation/dive trip. (Definitely the most adventurous of my meetings to date!) I’ve also met people through chat rooms. One man from Boston IM’d me asking about Miami as he was to be moving here. This eventually turned into a relationship that lasted quite a while but fizzled due to being so far apart. Another man IM’d me out of the blue one day and we figured out that we lay out at the nude beach in North Miami within 30 feet of one another and said hello every weekend, yet had never met. We briefly dated but it’s evolved into a fabulous relationship and we have been best of friends for about three years now.

Next Sneak Peek: “Looking for Adventure!” from CASUAL ENCOUNTERS

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