Still Another Thomas Kelleher Blog Exclusive – Sneak Peek : Missed Connections :-\

Hello sailor, and welcome back! I imagine you’re here for the fifth Blog Exclusive sneak peek of my book about online dating FREE LOVE – True Stories of Love and Lust on the Internet. A lot of people think that love should be free and rather than use subscription-based dating sites opt instead for the wild and wooly approach to online dating – free personals. FREE LOVE is a collection of actual online personal ads as they originally appeared, along with the intimate stories behind them – all told in the posters’ own words, triumphs, disasters, warts and all.

Women Seeking Men, Women seeking Women, Men seeking Women, Men seeking Men, Missed Connections, Casual Encounters – they’re all here and their stories range from the entertaining to the astonishing.

This time around I give you a sample ad posting and true story from the Missed Connections section. There’s such a sense of hopefulness in these “delayed courage” type postings in general that I think resonates among us all. And sometimes they actually do work!

She sent me an email about a week ago in response to this posting, and we’ll meet probably in San Francisco in a few weeks. I will also be in Hong Kong anyway the end of this month, so I can also take her and her friend to dinner, as I promised in my ad. It’s likely the friend is cute too, so I may introduce her to a friend of mine in Hong Kong.

She said that she was really very shocked to hear from me, but that it was a nice shock. She thought I threw her note away or something. She wasn’t so much shocked to have heard from me because she had given me her email address and expected me to contact her. She was more ‘shocked’ because of the way I actually got in touch with her and how it all turned out – that I had to go through this Missed Connections forum to reach her. (I had originally tried to contact her through the email address she gave me, but her mail bin was full or something, so I couldn’t get through.)

There were about a half-dozen flight attendants on that flight, and most of them were very pretty, which is unusual because typically there may be just one or two hot ones. I noticed that guys on the plane were certainly checking them out and enjoying themselves! I guess we were all lucky on this flight to have so many of them there together. Anyway, she was the most beautiful one on board that day. She had a face like an angel, medium length brown hair, kissable lips and eyes, slim face with a slim body, and great legs. In Hong Kong, there are always a lot of pretty girls walking around in the streets, and some of them look better than movie stars. She is one of those. I was attracted to her not only for her physical looks, but she was also the friendliest one there with the nicest smile and manner. She was nice to everyone. Of course, Flight Attendants should be like that, but she was a cut above. That said, I do have to say that she was also very, very sexy. And she kept pressing her butt against my shoulder. Once could be an accident, but not several times. Even the older guy beside me was noticing it, I think. There’s plenty of space on the aisle not to bump a shoulder, if you don’t need to. After this happened a couple of times, I decided that I was going to approach her, but she beat me to it by slipping me the note.

This is the first time I’ve searched for someone like this. I just learned about all this and the Missed Connections postings a few weeks ago from a writer friend of mine. Coincidence, I guess. I also believe in synchronicity. When one believes the world is amazing, amazing things tend to happen.

Next Sneak Peek: “Frozen Eggs” from WOMEN SEEKING MEN.

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  1. Very interesting snippet, I am looking forward for next sneak peek!


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