Yet Another Thomas Kelleher Blog Exclusive – Sneak Peek : Men Seeking Men :-o

Back for more I see. Here you go then – the fourth Blog Exclusive sneak peek of my book about online dating using the wild and wooly approach of free personal ads: FREE LOVE – True Stories of Love and Lust on the Internet. The book is a collection of actual online personal ads as they originally appeared, along with the intimate stories behind them – all told in the posters’ own words, triumphs, disasters, warts and all.

For anyone who’s ever considered placing or responding to an online personal ad, or just starting out, this book is the place to start.

This time around I present to you a sample ad posting and testimonial from the Men Seeking Men section. This one is rather to the point. I hope you “Like” it! If you do, please be sure to “Share” the love.

That ad produced the sexiest man in his forties I’ve ever seen. Pecs as hard as rocks, firm jock legs, furry chest and a passion that scorched me.

Next Sneak Peek: “Seeking Flight Attendant” from MISSED CONNECTIONS.

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