Another Thomas Kelleher Blog Exclusive – Sneak Peek : Men Seeking Women ;-)

Hello again my friends and welcome to the second Blog Exclusive sneak peek of my book about online dating via free Internet personal ads FREE LOVE – True Stories of Love and Lust on the Internet. (The book is a collection of actual online personal ads as they originally appeared, along with the intimate stories behind them – all told in the posters’ own words, triumphs, disasters, warts and all.)

I hope you enjoyed the Introduction in my previous post. This time around I give you a sample ad posting from the Men Seeking Women section. Enjoy!

I met this lady online who told me she was 28, blonde, a fox, 36/24/36 and that she was in love with me. This was after we talked for two months. It turned out that she was actually a very overweight 58 year-old grandmother having sexual problems with her husband and wanted a younger guy to cyber with online, but didn’t intend to fall in love with anyone. That was my first experience with online dating. Most recently I encountered a women posing as a girl looking to come to the United States who I found in a chat room. She told me her mother needed an operation and asked if I could cash some checks for her in the U.S., and send the cash to Nigeria so her mom could get this surgery done. Well, it turned out that the checks were fraud and I went to jail for it and now have to clear up the whole mess in court. Charges are pending, but hopefully they’ll throw out the case or I’ll at least get off with probation.

Next Sneak Peek: “Any HOT model type feminine girls traveling to L.A.?” from WOMEN SEEKING WOMEN

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