It’s Nice to be “Liked”

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU to everyone who kindly answered the call and “Liked” my author website and “Do I Come Here Often” funny nsfw animated short featuring Pick-up Lines From Hell this week.

As a token of my appreciation I’m going to have a lottery this coming Tuesday (May 31, 2011) where one of you lucky “Fans” on my official Facebook Author Page can win a FREE autographed copy of my book about online dating: “FREE LOVE – True Stories of Love and Lust on the Internet.”

If you haven’t already “Liked” my website yet, there’s still time to get some FREE, FREE LOVE – just check out the site, and if you do happen to “Like” it, you know what to do here and here. (The video is toward the bottom.)

Then “Like” my Facebook Author page so you become a fellow “Fan” and look out for a post on Tuesday for more info.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy. Thanks again folks, and good luck!

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