Helpful Tip Of The Day

Hello my devoted readers! (All ten of you.) You may want to turn on “https” for safer Facebooking.

Apparently there is at least one app out there (FireSheep) that makes it easy to capture your user name and login info when logging into Facebook (and other online services) while getting your caffeine fix at the coffee shop or anywhere with an open WiFi connection.

Facebook (known for their own privacy issues) have taken action, bless them, and have come up with a solution to provide a more secure Facebook experience.

Here’s how:

Please share/tweet/repost with other Facebookers so they know about this problem, and solution, and can take some preventative action if they so desire for more secure stalking of exes, Farmvilling and Mafia warring.

You’re welcome!

P.S, Don’t forget about my Facebook Fan page. I’d love for you to “LIKE” it and encourage your friends to  join in the fun please. Pass it on!

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