Stalk Much?

You may recall a blog entry I wrote last June about a now defunct website in the UK called for UK college pervs so they can post their campus crushes online, in real-time, while staring them down at the campus library. A sort of Twitter meets Missed Connections forum. The site became instantly popular, expanded to a number of universities… and was then promptly banned. has since been offline due to pressure from universities.

Although, that said, if you go to the site now it looks like it’s reinventing itself as an online video chat site where you can “video chat and meet people right from your own web browser. All you need is Adobe Flash installed to start finding your perfect fit – coming soon!” (Hmmm. We might have to check back in on that one.)

Now there’s in the US and the UK that’s picking up where FitFinder left off – only this time, with pictures! It’s essentially the same premise: you spot a “cutie” (as opposed to a “fitty”) in your university library but you’re too shy or it’s too awkward a situation to make your move, so you instead snap a quick photo, post it along with a brief description on the SpotACutie website, and maybe even a description of yourself (“I’m that creepy looking guy who keeps staring at your breasts from across the table”), and hope she might stumble across it.

Because apparently, that’s less awkward.

And while you’re posting your sweet nothings you can check out the other “cuties” that others have posted and comment on what you think about them. But what happens if you find that other people have placed posts & photos about the same cutie? Oh man, that’s going to be really awkward.

So how is this different from the Missed Connections section on Craigslist? The ability to post photos? (Actually, I haven’t seen any photos included with any of the few posts listed so far. And if you wanted to, you could include a photo on your MC post on CL.) The use of earth tones in its design? I suppose. If you can think of anything else, please let me know. Something tells me though that this site might be reinventing itself too before long.

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