Internet Dating For Dummies

This one is really more for the newbies but it’s good common sense information and a good reminder for everyone participating in online dating – especially during the holiday season when the depression/desperation meter starts pegging off the charts for some. You know who you are.

Cam Langdon spells out certain things you have to do in order to be successful in your online dating adventures in his Internet Dating 101 article. I am re-posting it here as follows:

1. Have a positive mental attitude. Be as open as you can. Don’t talk about negative issues, and especially don’t run off at the mouth (whether in messages or via chat) and overload your prospective new partner with too much unnecessary information.

2. Place as many flattering photos as you can on your profile. Men love with their eyes, and so do girls. Especially when you don’t have the opportunity for that initial conversation you would get in different forums (pub, club, concert etc). Never, ever put up photos of somebody else and pretend it is you. It’s pointless and may lead to very unfortunate consequences for you, particularly if that person sees the photos of themselves online under your name.

3. When filling out the profile forms, cram as much detail as you can about yourself to stand out from the others. Get your potential partner interested. State clearly the purpose of your membership on a particular site (if you are only after casual sex, that’s ok. Just be clear about it). Try to be original and not boring – humor and wit are great tools for wooing people. Remember, your task is to appear intriguing, get their attention and engage their imagination!

4. If you get the girl or the guy interested and begging for more, seal the deal with a meeting in the “real world” as fast as you can; otherwise you will spend the rest of your life behind a computer screen, maybe even be buried with the damned PC!

5. For the sake of safety (one never knows!), agree to meet up in a café, restaurant or other well-populated area. Then, if the person you agreed to meet with looks a bit scary, you will feel much more comfortable in a place with lots of folks around. Maybe an old-fashioned date at the movies would be a good idea – that way if the date is boring as hell, you can at least enjoy the film.

In today’s modern and hectic world, dating sites are definitely the way to go. Make friends and life-partners easily and without any rush. They are also the ideal venue for those of you who just want a casual fling with no strings attached. I certainly have used them for this purpose, and I cannot recommend them highly enough, for both men and women.

Happy dating!

– – –

And hey, let’s be careful out there!

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