@howaboutwe… sit on the couch all day Sunday…

…watch the football, smoke cigars, have a curry delivered and rub my feet?


Damn. Rarely works on the missus either (except for the curry part). But if you have any better ideas for potential fun dates, the new online dating website “How about we…” might be right for you.

The site “puts the date back into dating” and lets users propose unique date activities, making the experience more about meeting up and doing cool things based on similar interests and activities, than scrolling through a bunch of old/fake pics and ridiculously long profiles.

As Mashable.com reports: Upon signing up for the site, users are asked to express their levels of interest in a series of dates, beer tasting, concerts, walks on the beach — that kind of deal. This information — along with data from your profile — is plugged into an algorithm that determines what kinds of dates you’re sent via e-mail (every user gets a daily e-mail detailing dates that he or she might be interested in) and which show up on a stream on your homepage. After answering said questions, users can create a rather barebones profiles (based on quirky questions like “What I would bring to show and tell?” and “One thing my mother would want you to know about me?”) that focus more on their personalities than their looks, and then propose dates that they would like to go on.

Once you’ve seen some date ideas that interest you, you can indicate so by clicking “I’m Intrigued” and then meet up and go on that date. And what happens if you don’t hit it off? At least you had an interesting date doing something that you actually enjoy doing. Not so bad really.

The site is clean, simple, friendly, creative and attractive — providing for a truly comfortable online dating experience. The only real drawback at this stage is that because it’s new and very local (it started out in the New York market initially to create a user base) and has just recently expanded to the rest of the U.S., the pool of creative daters in your area may be somewhat limited. But you never know, and that could very well change soon.

It’s still in its beta stage and is also mostly free, which is why it deserves a spot on this little bloggy blog thingy. Plus it’s not a complete pile of crap, unlike a lot of other dating sites out there.

You can check out the site at www.howaboutwe.com and read the full Mashable article here.

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