Here Kitty Kitty. Bad Kitty.

There is actually a website called that pairs women in their prime (Cougars) with younger men (Cubs) and ends the double standard.

For the uninitiated, “Cougars” (as defined by the website) are Women in their PRIME: independent, sexy and wildly successful. They enjoy men that are youthful, fit with the same zest for life. Cougars are classy, confident women that already possess many of the finer things in life — but now want the young, hot guy to go with it.

To snare a true Cougar a man (Cub) needs to be youthful, fit, unintimidated and of course sexually driven! These men can range from athletes to intellectuals, and from technologists to entrepreneurs and all points in between; they can come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing they have in common is the desire to possess a sexually charged older woman.

Yeah, that’s sounding pretty classy alright. They also have a really classy jingle that’s part of their commercial – viewed late at night during a recent episode of The League, which I thought was a joke at first. But nope.

I’m a Cougar. She’s a Cougar. We’re all Cougars. Men like Cougars. Don’t you want to date a Cougar too? Date a Cougar! (Repeat, again and again.)

The commercial also claimed that the site was recently voted the wildest dating service in America. By whom I wonder? Perhaps by some of its classy members like SassyAssOne, sexyfunneeded or funnfitgal. (These same three users came up as “top matches” in searches for both San Francisco and New York areas, by the way. Those Cougars really get around, don’t they?)

Judging by some of the FAQs though, I think the site might already be having some issues:

#7. How do I delete my account?

#8. Why can’t I access my account? I did not cancel.

#9. Why am I not able to login with my email/password?

#10. Why did my profile info change?

None of that sounds very good. Here’s my issue with the site. It’s demeaning, stupid and unnecessary. Who in their right mind would want to be affiliated with this site? Men and women should absolutely date whoever they want as long as they are of legal age. If you want to date someone younger or older, and find them using the Internet, it’s extremely easy to specify what you’re looking for on any of the dating sites currently flooding the Internet. We don’t need another one. And, of course, there’s always the free personals.

And, judging by some of the complaints out there about fake profiles and emails, it sounds like this site may very well be a scam.

I might be proven wrong, but I personally don’t think there’s much life left in

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