Steve Jobs’ Pants Are On Fire?

Well Andrew Munchbach seems to think so based on his BoyGeniusReport article dated August 23rd. He points out that back in June, Steve Jobs claimed that the iPad had captured 22% of the ebook market since its release in April of this year.

But in a recent blog post, J.A. Konrath, a popular fiction author, stated that he’s not seeing this trend, at all.

Publishers might be looking at enriched or enhanced ebooks as their new big-ticket items to replace hardcovers. But the major ebook retailer, Amazon, isn’t set up for video. Kindle isn’t even able to do color yet. That leaves Apple, and according to my numbers, Apple is a very small part of the ebook market. I sell 200 ebooks a day on Kindle. On iPad, I sell 100 a month.

Konrath is no stranger to eBooks, and says that authors can net 70% of their work’s profits by publishing directly to ebooks; and ultimately have more control over their work; allowing them to  pick their own cover, price, title, etc. When you compare that with the standard 17.5% profit-sharing model publishers usually offer authors, it can sometimes make more sense to go direct. (At least if you have a quality product and the resources to market your books properly.)

Andrew concludes by pointing out that this is just one author’s tale, “but you would think that if that 22% figure thrown around by Apple were accurate the numbers would not be this far off.”

Interesting point. However, some of the 88 responses to this post are also quite interesting and worth a quick look. For example, “Mark” apparently checked out the author, whatever that means, and said that his books on Amazon sell from $.99 – $6.50 and the same books on iTunes sell for $15 – $17.95. “No one is going to spend four times the money for a book when they can buy the cheaper option and read it on either device.”

Meanwhile “mykie” says, “It seems that like Mr. Konrath, it is apparent that Steve Jobs is also a popular writer of fiction.”

Ouch. You can check out the article and all the accompanying witty banter here.

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