Not So Fast Lady

Speed dating has gone online and people aren’t wasting any time chatting up others in three minutes or less on the online dating website

Launched in 2007 the site allows singles to meet each other through 3-minute virtual online speed dates using live video and instant messaging. allows singles to immediately determine if they have chemistry before taking the time to meet in person, they say, “because you get a much better sense of your connection to another person when your first meeting is a live interaction.” (Yes, but it’s still in a virtual realm — you’re not really meeting them in person. I’m just sayin’…)

Anyway, reported recently that the site has released some findings based on 100,000 speed dates over the course of two days on who is more likely to break the ice and start a conversation during a first time meeting online. Findings conclude that 78 percent of men initiate conversation compared to 22 percent of women. However, starting at age 42, the number of women initiating conversation dramatically increases to the point that by age 60 women are more likely than men to start the conversation.

Reasons why could be interpreted in several ways including: “market dynamics, gradual changes in perceived relationship etiquette or possibly life expectancy. Since women on average live longer, the number of choices gradually drops over time as the number of available suitors decline – this may prompt a more forward dating approach for the older female demographic.”

Or maybe they just prefer to wade through all the bs and get to the point because they’re been there, done that, got the t-shirt, gave it to Goodwill and have better things to do with their time. Because after all, life is too short dammit. Rather refreshing, don’t you think sonny?

You can read the full article here at *growl*

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