Women on Top

Some times you just gotta let her have it her way. Want proof? Check out the new beta site HerWay.com – a dating site “where women take the lead.”

So what does that mean exactly? Well, according to their site, it’s similar to a Sadie Hawkins dance, where women control the action by restricting men from searching, while allowing women to browse for men anonymously and then making contact and maybe asking for a date. When she’s ready to connect, her profile is revealed only to the man of her choosing by initiating contact with him, providing women “unprecedented privacy, discretion, and safety as they search for Mr. Right.”

Our mission is bold and ambitious; to provide HerWay users an unparalleled dating experience by creating the most effective way for singles to connect…and forever change the nature of online dating.

The most effective way to connect? Really? Well, let’s see. According to their home page, women can search for men, but not the other way around. They can make contact with men, but men cannot initiate contact with women. And both have the option for honesty online, whatever that means. How does any of that facilitate effective two-way communication?

I have to say too, that I’m a little put off by the storyboard graphics (I’ve been an Ad Man for over 20 years now). It looks like it’s still a work in progress and it’s hard for me to take seriously. I know it’s in beta mode still, but I get the feeling that these images are “it”.

They rightly point out that their ‘innovative approach to dating and unique profile features have never been seen before.’ That’s because it’s a bunch of crap. And yes, I’d say the exact same thing if things were reversed. Perhaps it’s safer for women to date online this way, but isn’t that because no man in his right mind would be on this site?

Which begs the question ladies: would you really want to date and/or be romantically involved with any man who would be an active and willing participate on this site? Gawd I hope not. I guess this site does have a very specific clientele: men who are wussies, and women who like them that way. I hope they’re very happy together.

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