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You my have seen some of the commercials lately for the social networking based online dating site Social networking dating sites seem to be a growing trend in online dating. Which makes sense really, since a lot of people are already actively using sites like Facebook and MySpace for dating and hooking up, poking, winking and nudging their way towards finding love and lust on the Internet.

Zoosk launched back in 2007 and turns your social network into a virtual singles bar of sorts by linking singles across various networks through its online dating platform. Zoosk claims to be the world’s largest social dating community with over 40 million members from more than 40 countries. Much of its growth is due to its integration with social networks with large user bases already signed up, and its ability to let users communicate with “Zooskers” across multiple networks. So if you have the Zoosk on your Facebook, for example, you can still connect with singles from MySpace or Friendster.

You can join Zoosk for free by adding the Zoosk app to your Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, Bebo, or Friendster profile. The app pulls the info and photos already on your social networking page, so you can set up your Zoosk Date Card (profile) quickly and easily (and for free), and start connecting with others through winks and flirts. But that’s where the free use ends. In order to really utilize the service, you need to upgrade to Premium Membership ($24.95 for a one month subscription) for the unlimited ability to communicate with other users, secure premium profile placement, and to see who has viewed your Date Card.

Some users might prefer Zoosk over other dating sites because it’s easy to set up, it has a fun, user-friendly GUI and you have instant access to an over 20 million strong dating pool. They’ve also introduced the ability for its users to link their and Netflix accounts to their Zoosk Date Card, making it possible for singles to easily share their latest movie and music picks with potential dates.

Many of its users are in the 25-35 year old demographic, who aren’t necesarily looking for a long-term serious relationship. So if you’re not looking for anything too serious right now where you need to start picking out china patterns, don’t want to spend three hours filling out mind numbing compatibility matching personality tests (only to be rejected anyway) and you’ve removed any eyebrow raising, cringe inducing titles from your Netflix queue, (and are willing to shell out up to $25 a month) you might consider staying away from more serious dating sites and give this online site with the funny name a try instead.

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