Please don’t stalk me

Online stalking is becomming an increasingly dangerous problem these days as social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Meetup, bebo and MySpace continue to gain popularity (well, maybe not so much MySpace). As such, it’s important to keep in mind a few basic safeguards for how to protect yourself from potential online stalkers.

eHow Member delawaregeek offers these useful preventative steps to help keep yourself safe and stalker-free. It’s smart to safeguard yourself from internet predators before you actually have one.

Step 1. Do not give out your real name or address to people in internet chat rooms or instant messaging . Online stalkers can easily track down people with information as simple as a name and state they live in. Limit the people who know you by your real name when communicating online.

Step 2. Make up an email which mask your last name when posting online or to internet message boards. Obscuring your last name can help obscure your identify from internet stalkers so you will want to use an email address that hides your complete name.

Step 3. Do not post personal pictures of yourself online. Keep your face off the internet. This is another step to avoid unwanted attention from stalking and harassment.

Step 4. Limit your number of social networking pages. Social networking pages offer a gold mine of pages, so limit the amount of social networking sites you use.

Step 5. Update your privacy settings on social networking pages. Keep your personal information private from Internet stalkers by setting up privacy guards that decrease the number of people who can view your information.

All very good advice indeed!

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