Might as well face it, you’re addicted to love.

If you’ve ever been in love, you’ve probably at least considered classifying the feeling as an addiction. And guess what: You were right. As it turns out, scientists are discovering that the same chemical process that takes place with addiction takes place when we fall in love.

Lee Ann Obringer describes in her article How Love Works how love is a chemical state of mind that’s part of our genes and influenced by our upbringing. She says we are wired for romance in part because we are supposed to be loving parents who care diligently for our helpless babies.

In this article, she examines ‘what love really is’ and what happens in our bodies that makes us fall in love, and explores aphrodisiacs (like Asparagus — if you’re into funny smelling pee, Spanish fly — if you’re into dead beetle parts, and Damiana — whatever that is, but it must be good), lust & attraction, and attachment/commitment a.k.a. love for the duration. Apparently research has shown that the more we idealize the one we love, the stronger the relationship during the attachment stage, and that idealization appears to keep people together and keep them happier in marriage. “Usually, this is a matter of one person putting a good spin on the partner, seeing the partner as more responsive than he or she really is.”


Anyway…… here’s the full article.

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