When I first came across this a couple of days ago (April 1) I had to wonder if this wasn’t some sort of sick April Fool’s prank. Sadly, it’s not.

I present to you “Man Magnet: How to Be the Best Woman You Can Be in Order to Get the Best Man-A Guide To Dating (Revised Edition).”

Here’s the product description posted on Amazon. (I’m not making this up.)

“Success with men and dating is just a read away! Find out how you can date better, attract more men and become a Man Magnet because this classic dating guide is now revised! Most women, generally speaking, don’t have much trouble attracting men. The problem is the men they’re attracting. Some women are bum magnets. And others are pest magnets. But there is a special breed of woman who attracts just about any guy she wants. She is a Man Magnet and she gets what she wants. Man Magnet: How to Be the Best Woman You Can Be in Order to Get the Best Man – A Guide To Dating will show you that you can be one, too. You can be that woman that guys go ga-ga for. All you have to do is utilize what you’ve got. This book can help you do just that. In addition to helping you enhance what you already have, it also shows you how to handle many of the pitfalls that single women face. How to talk to men, where to meet good men, how to approach your first date, game players, mama’s boys, booty calls, what to wear, manchildren and whether or not it’s okay to ask a man out are just a few of the topics this book explores. If you’ve had problems with dating and men in the past-or you’re just looking for ways to improve – Man Magnet: How to Be the Best Woman You Can Be in Order to Get the Best Man – A Guide To Dating can help you get past them and get onto the better life you deserve! Ready to be unstoppable?”

I just threw up a little bit in my mouth. Do women seriously buy into this crap? I’d love to hear from someone – anyone – who bought this book and actually found it helpful. I’d especially love to hear from anyone who purchased this book along with the other two “Frequently Bought Together” titles with it on Amazon: Crash Course In Love by Steven Ward and Make Every Man Want You: How to Be So Irresistible You’ll Barely Keep from Dating Yourself! by Marie Forleo. Let’s have an intervention and then see what we can do about getting your money back.

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One Response to Seriously?

  1. I am afraid that there are many lonely women and women that maybe are going through divorces or break-ups and feel unsure of how to approach the dating world again after many years out.

    I did not buy the book or the others, nor do I plan to. But, I understand that there can be moments in a person’s life when you are shaken to the ground in fear of being alone. As a mid-40 year old divorced woman who was initially not sure she would ever kiss anyone againm I have been at that point when I wanted to master dating quickly as though it were some sort of formula. I think that is not an uncommon phase and it makes me imagine that there might be other situations where someone is lonely enough to want to do anything (even buy a book like this) to not be alone.

    Thankfully, in my case, and in many once you gain your footing in the single world and realize that you are kissable and worthy and ok on your own… you don’t have to rush and the panic of needing to master this also goes.

    So, for those who do feel the need to buy this book, I feel their loneliness and sense of urgency. I hope for their sake that they find peace within themselves to know they are ok.


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