Online Dating Is The Way to Do It!

Here’s an Ezine article by V Kullar that explains the basics of online dating for men, women and shut-ins looking to find love, romance or friendship online:

“The internet is a virtual widespread world and affords the opportunity for every man or woman to find love, romance or just friendship online. The Internet offers easy access to a range of people and the world has become much smaller because of it. You no longer need to leave the house to meet people. Having to meet in bars or nightclubs is an old fashioned option. The Internet and online dating offers far greater opportunity.

Online dating puts you in control of saying “yes” to further meetings or “no” if you feel you want to reject the person. Rejection is often being painful face to face but it is less painful to do by e-mail and takes less courage to do. Also, checking out a profile of a potential date is easy and an email can be sent to any potential date in advance of a meeting. You can also look at the profile of the person without the other person knowing – so look at lots of people you may like the look of before any meeting face to face.

Online dating is both safe and cost effective. Many dating sites offer a monthly subscription starting around $20 per month (countries do vary) but this is often a comparative cost given that taking someone out for a drink may be much more! Online dating is much more affordable as an option. It is also possible to control the contact with the new person much more. Giving a phone number or text number can lead to being bombarded with unwanted contact – but if you contact via online dating sites, there is more control as emails can be filtered through the site and it can take time before you have to reveal your email or phone contact numbers. You can get to know people much more in your own time before you decide to take it further.

Online dating offers enormous flexibility – no longer only being tied to going out once or twice a week to a club or bar which is both time consuming and costly. Online dating allows you to visit the dating site daily if you choose. You could even spend all day chatting to people if you want to. Going out to meet people in the traditional bar or club may limit your choice. You may not like anyone there that night! The online dating sites give unlimited choice to meet people. By choosing the age, gender, region and religion of the person you are seeking the search engine will work hard for you to allow you to meet your ideal match. You can then check them out first before contacting your next date.”

Online Dating is the Way to Do It!

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