Unhappy Hipsters Make Me Happy

Unhappy Hipsters is an anonymously written blog that documents (i.e. pokes fun at) lonely hipsters living in a modern world, utilizing photos from Dwell Magazine (a hipster, modern publication, which I love) and a few others. One post/caption in particular about online dating was particularly relevant for this blog, so I thought I’d share. Sharing is nice.

“Beyond all the inherent superficialities, there was the task of decoding profile subtext. She wondered why she’d ever considered online dating.”

I guess it really can be lonely for some in the modern world. *sigh*

Anyway, the Los Angeles Times calls it a hit, and it’s generating a lot buzz and developing quite a following. On Twitter alone unhappyhipsters has over 8500 followers. Including yours truly. I’m so hip.

Check out the Unhappy Hipsters blog here.

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