Barnes & Noble’s Nook Getting Better

Barnes & Noble recently released a software update (v1.2) for its Nook e-reader, which addresses some of the complaints users have been moaning about since its release last December.

In a recent article for, Travis Van Slooten states that Nook owners now have the option of installing Nook’s 1.2 upgrade. Users that have done so already are sighing with relief as the upgrade is meeting expectations. There are still some complaints about highlighting, but it looks as though the book store giant is honing its e-reader.

Slow touch screen response, and slow page refreshes were some of the biggest user complaints, which have been addressed with the software update. Other improvements include an updated UI, which added three-dimensional buttons for the screen navigation, and the cursor response has improved as well.

Some users continue to experience some frustration though when attempting to highlight items, and the Nook also doesn’t synchronize bookmarks, highlights, or notes with other versions of the Barnes & Noble eReader apps.

Still, it’s a viable alternative to Amazon’s Kindle and Sony’s Reader, especially given Barnes & Noble’s significant customer base.

Read the full article.

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